Yamaha QL5


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  • (1)Yamaha QL5
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The Yamaha QL5 is a comprehensive digital mixer that combines mixing, processing, and routing capabilities into a single, versatile unit. This advanced mixer features a 32 + 2 fader configuration, providing ample control and flexibility for managing multiple audio sources simultaneously. Its compact design and rackmountable format make it an ideal choice for a variety of applications, including live sound reinforcement, broadcast, and recording studios.

Yamaha QL5
The Yamaha QL5 is an all-in-one mixing, processing, and routing digital mixer with a 32 + 2 fader configuration in a compact, rackmountable unit


The QL5’s all-in-one design streamlines your audio workflow by integrating powerful processing tools and intuitive routing options. Whether you are mixing a live concert, managing audio for a corporate event, or working on a complex studio project, the QL5 delivers the performance and reliability you need. Its user-friendly interface and robust construction ensure that it can handle the demands of professional audio environments while remaining easy to operate for users of all skill levels.

In addition to its impressive fader configuration, the Yamaha QL5 boasts a range of high-quality preamps, onboard effects, and advanced networking capabilities. This makes it a truly versatile solution for any audio mixing scenario, providing pristine sound quality and seamless integration with other audio equipment. The QL5’s compact size does not compromise its functionality, making it a powerful and portable option for any audio professional.