How to Host the Perfect Corporate Event

Let’s face it, creating a good corporate event worth attending is difficult, and creating a great corporate event that people want to attend is even harder. They can get to be pricey and turn into a monster to plan for any staff. A poor venue or DJ choice can sour the whole experience for some guests. While the perfect corporate event, therefore sounds impossibly out of reach, there are a few important factors that you can consider to bring your event as close to perfection as possible.

Check out these tips, and see if Megahertz Production and Entertainment can make your next corporate event in the Bay Area perfect.


Whether you booked a lavish rooftop patio bar in downtown San Francisco or the last (and smallest) meeting room available at the Moscone Center, lighting your space correctly is everything. Lighting creates the atmosphere that you want your guests to experience, and the right lighting equipment rental can enhance the natural features of any venue. Spotlights grab the attention, so any important speakers or stage locations that you want people to appreciate should get the lighting attention they deserve. Hanging bulbs create warm light and can add a cozy and genuine ambiance to a larger space, like a cozy table for two on a restaurant patio. Colored light fixtures can be used to differentiate zones within the venue, create an exciting light show on a dancefloor, or reflect logo colors, allowing you to control the atmosphere and mood of your event. Think about the environment you want to create, and decide what kind of lighting will get the best out of your venue.


Similar to effective lighting, great audio is critical for creating the right corporate event sound. You don’t want people asking your speaker to speak up, or to rip the paint off the walls of your reception space with 10-foot speakers. The size of your audience and the space they reside in should heavily factor into your process of finding the right audio equipment rental for the job. Hiring a professional production company saves the hassle of trying to match different systems and equipment, as well as the responsibility of setup and take-down. You can go as simple as a microphone and a PA system or as complex as digital mixing board with a 28-channel snake and a wall of speakers, just match the audio set-up to the vibe you want your event to have. Understand what you want your attendees to experience, whether that is dancing and singing along or subtle background instrumentals fit for talking, as a good DJ or playlist can make your event, while a bad one can break it.


However, all that audiovisual work won’t matter much if your attendees aren’t entertained at all. It can be pretty hard to determine what a large group of people will find entertaining and what they will find silly or annoying, especially somewhere like San Francisco. Luckily, there are plenty of entertainment options out there, which can get the job done when paired with the right staging and/or video rental equipment. For the main event, paid entertainers like standup comedians or magicians can keep your crowd happy, although bad ones will have the profoundly opposite effect. A cover band can add some energy and maintain it with songs that everyone knows if you are trying to get some stationary hips moving. Projecting a relevant video on a big screen or a wall can grab people’s attention, especially if you pair it with a camera rental and footage of guests in the earlier stages of your event (everyone will be looking to see if they made it into the video). Smaller attractions like a photo booth, ticket raffle, or even a virtual reality station might allow guests an option to dip their toe in some fun without feeling overwhelmed. Do what you can to keep your attendees engaged, but you shouldn’t have to compromise your desired atmosphere for the event to get there.

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How Megahertz Can Help

Any corporate event has a chance of crashing and burning, but the biggest step to not letting that happen is knowing your audience and your space. You can take control of the space and the event by focusing on the little things, like the backlighting behind the sign-in desk or a dance floor that actually looks fun to dance on. Megahertz Productions and Entertainment is here to do just that. We can focus on the little things so you don’t have to, and we can do as little or as much as you would like. We can provide professional audio-visual support onsite and a dedicated production team, or a wide selection of sound and video equipment rentals for those who want to do it themselves, or both! No corporate event will be perfect, so why not make it near-perfect? Call Megahertz Productions and Entertainment and get a free quote for your next event in or around San Francisco.