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When you are hosting an event that will have some form of audio, you have to factor in a lot of things. Do you need a sound system set up? Are you using it to amplify a speech or play music? What kind of music should be playing? Do you want people to dance, or do we just want the ambiance? How loud should the music be, and how big of speakers should we use? Do you hire someone to DJ or do you just throw on a playlist with an auxiliary cord? The audio options for an event are endless, and good audio choices can make an event, while bad audio choices can break one. 

That’s why Megahertz Productions and Entertainment wants to provide some expert knowledge and information, to help you figure out your AV wants and needs for whatever event you are hosting. We are dedicated to providing quality audiovisual, sound, video, lighting, draping and staging to whatever type of event you are looking to host in San Francisco and the surrounding areas. Whether it’s a simple rental for a corporate event or making use of our event production experts to put on a whole show, Megahertz wants to make your event a night to remember. Keep reading to learn more about the best ways to approach your audio setup at your next event, and how Megahertz Productions and Entertainment might be able to help with that.

Event Type and Audio Equipment

The first step you need to take is to determine what kind of event you are trying to put on, and how the audio equipment setup will play into that. And to do that, you will need to answer some of those questions that were asked earlier, regarding what you want your event to be like and what you want your guests to be doing when they are there. For example, if you want your guests to be attentively listening to an orator, you might want a couple of smaller speakers surrounding the area, to provide full surround sound without imposing too much on people’s ears. The 10” or 15” JBL Eon speakers we offer for rental at Megahertz could be great choices that offer the sound quality and amplification you want without blowing out anyone’s eardrums.

On the other hand, if you want folks to dance and you have space, you might want just a few bigger speakers that are situated specifically around the dance area, to make sure the loud music gets people’s hips moving without dominating the entire space or event. A QSC K12 1000 W Active Speaker from Megahertz would be a great rental audio choice to provide loud dancing music. Combine that with our QSC KW181 Subwoofer rental and your event will have a nightclub-worthy audio setup. 

These are just some potential situations you might want to consider the overall mood and experience of the event for your guests, and how the audio will shape that. If you are struggling to find answers to these questions, and are struggling to determine your event theme and set up, check out another blog of ours on how to choose the perfect venue and mood, and feel confident in your event plan.

Should I Hire Professionals?

When you are determining the audio setup for your event, once you get your mood and your event theme planned out, and determine the kind of rental audio equipment you need, now you need to figure out who will manage your audio setup during the event. You could do this in a couple of ways. You could go the complete DIY route, setting up all the equipment and standing at a control board or laptop while you Google what gets plugged in where. Or you could outsource everything, hiring a professional audio engineer as well as a DJ and letting them run your whole show. Or you could do half of everything yourself, like hiring a professional audio engineer while you curate a playlist for the event mood you want.

The level of professional support will depend on the type of event and how much audio equipment and setup you want. A complete DIY setup might be a little bit risky, as one wrong plugin or incorrectly flipped switch could stop the system from working, and unless you have a strong AV engineering background, your event might lack any type of working audio. Although a full team of DJs and audio engineers working a massive soundboard might start to get expensive and redundant if you just want some ambient music playing and you know enough good songs to make a playlist yourself. It’s hard to go wrong with a balance of professional support and rental equipment, and luckily, Megahertz has a talented team of audio engineer professionals and audio equipment rentals at your disposal.

Event Audio Equipment and Setup at Megahertz

At the end of the day, you know your event and guest list and desired mood better than anyone. So trust your instincts, and find the fine balance of audio equipment and professional support that you need to make your event amazing for everyone.

Megahertz Productions and Entertainment is a proud provider of audiovisual, video, and staging rentals in San Francisco and surrounding areas. Whether it’s a fancy gala that needs subtle speakers hidden or a big corporate party with lights and loud music with big speakers, Megahertz is here to provide for you and your event. Give us a call today and figure out how we can start making your next event great.