Choosing a Perfect Venue for Your Next Corporate Event

When the term “corporate event” comes to mind, it probably conjures a variety of images and places; from a colorful charity event gala to a muddy ropes course in the forest, to an intensely decorated Christmas party. The quality of these images and places that “corporate event” conjures can also vary, from a rowdy conference that people will reminisce about for years, to a sad pizza/ice cream party that no one shows up to. The point is that your corporate event has the potential to be the talk of the town — if you do it right.

One of the best ways you can do it right is choosing the best space and venue to host your event. The best venue will depend on the type of event, but there are a number of different options to consider, and possible features like audio and video equipment rentals that might make your event shine. Megahertz Production and Entertainment is committed to creating events that shine, and your event in the Bay Area is no different. Contact us today and see what services we can provide to make your next corporate event memorable. But in the meantime, let’s find the best place to host it!

Logistics of the Venue

The first step you should take in choosing a venue is to figure out logistics. 40 people can’t really fill out a conference center, and if they are going to be there for more than an hour or so, space and capability for seating and/or tables are very important. Understanding how your guests will occupy the space is a critical step that can go a long way for your event, and always aim high when considering a headcount. Also, think about your event and venue from a wider perspective, like the convenience of the location and how people might actually get there. If you are expecting thousands of people to show up, you will need to figure out what parking will look like, and if the surrounding area can handle such an influx of people and traffic.

Style of the Venue and Event

The venue you choose will importantly depend on what kind of event you are hosting. For example, if you are doing a zipline tour in the forest, you probably won’t have much choice in the forest or which trees they will attach the line to. But for parties, galas, charity events, dinners, etc., you can narrow down the type of the venue (and therefore the type of event itself) by imagining the style of event and venue itself.

The way to think about this is imagining how you want your guests to feel. Do you want them to feel warm and appreciated? A barbecue/picnic in a nearby park or a rented-out movie theatre with good food could give guests the warm and personable experience they want. Chic and fashionable? A rooftop bar or a rented-out art gallery might give your guests the vogue experience they are looking for. Do you just want to give your guests a fun time? A fancy hotel conference center party or a karaoke dancefloor with an open bar might give your guests the wild night they were imagining.

Features of the Venue

You will also want to consider the design and the features that a venue can offer and how that will help or hurt the purpose of your corporate event. There are many possibilities to consider, like seating and spacing, staging, entertainment, and aesthetic; but the right combination in the right venue will make your next corporate event unstoppable.

The right features will depend on what you want your guests to do while they are there. A PowerPoint presentation in an expo hall might be a good way to get information out, but if no one wants to listen or the acoustics make it too hard to hear, you might want to reconsider your venue. If you are going the entertainment route, the right band or DJ or entertainer is an important decision, but choosing a reliable audio equipment rental and/or video equipment rental is just as important. You might want to consider hiring a professional to reliably manage all the equipment, someone who will make sure the show goes on.

A functioning bar with a lot of room and a large selection is usually a great feature to look for regardless. A large venue with bright and colorful lights and a good sound system might turn an echoey and drab venue into a popping club for your guests. Your venue might be in a great location and look good, but if the floor space and exits are poorly designed, your guest might only remember waiting in line just to leave the building.

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Corporate Event Venues with Megahertz

As you can see, there are more than a few ways you can approach your planning for your next corporate event. And as you have read, the choice of venue can truly do some making or breaking. Just keep these facets (and your guests) in mind when selecting the venue for your next event and next thing you know, your next corporate event is what people will be talking about around the water cooler.

Megahertz Productions and Entertainment is proud to provide services and equipment rentals that create amazing events and experiences for those who attend. We have a large selection of high-quality audio equipment rentals, video equipment rentals, and light equipment rentals, all of which can make your next corporate event a memorable one. Contact Megahertz today and see how we can provide a sublime event experience for you.